Adult Basic Education

Golden Oak Adult School offers support courses for our students who are preparing for or enrolled in our academic and career training courses and require additional support in reading, writing, and/or math. Courses vary based on what program the student is intending to pursue so that we can ensure that the instruction and support is tailored to the needs of each student.


Course Offerings



This course is for students enrolled in or planning to enroll in either our English HiSET Preparation program or High School Diploma program. Students will brush up on the foundational skills that will prepare them for success in high school level work.


CTE Support

This course is for students currently enrolled in a CTE program or preparing for enrollment within the next year. Students will develop and brush up on the foundational academic and workplace skills necessary for success in their career training program.


How to Enroll

Although this is an open-entry, continuous enrollment class, you do need to register prior to attending. To enroll in Adult Basic Education, please follow the High School Diploma and Equivalency enrollment procedure.